Worship Is Not The Purpose Of Most Mosques

When you are flipping hamburgers you can play ignorant about the management of the restaurant, but that kind of excuse doesn’t fly when you are the President or the Attorney General of the United States. Obama and Lynch have to know the facts on Islamic mosques, just like Hillary knows, without a doubt, that she shouldn’t have been using her personal email accounts for classified material.

Obama’s Attorney General has come out in defense of the American Islamic Center (AIC) by suing Des Plaines, Illinois over a 2013 city council decision to deny zoning rights for a new mosque in their city. The local people fought against the mosque not only for the financial loss to the city since the proposed site sat in a commercial district, but also for the obvious traffic and parking issues that it would undoubtedly cause.

In an attempt to defend the AIC, according to the Conservative Angle, Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Vanita Gupta, head of the Civil Rights Division, said,

“The ability to establish a place for collective worship is a fundamental protection of the First Amendment and our civil rights laws.”

When has Obama or anyone in his admiistration ever stood up for Christians’ and Jews’ First Amendment rights? Maybe it was his stand for Pastor Saeed Abedini, or for individuals losing their jobs or being imprisoned because they didn’t subscribe to homosexual marriage…wait, no that didn’t happen. 

But it isn’t hard to recall the times he stood for Muslims’ rights, like: Ahmed who received supportive tweets after taking a clock resembling a bomb to school,  a Muslim convert who abandoned his military post who was given a hero’s welcome, or never mentioning the fact that all the Islamic terrorism in our country is indeed carried out by Islamic terrorists.

First of all, if Muslims are strictly adherent to the Sharia, they are in direct opposition to our Constitution, and therefore cannot claim any First Amendment rights, but Obama’s Muslims are always quick to claim it.

Secondly, mosques are not places of worship, they are generally considered: seats of government, military battalions, and arms depot. There are literally thousands of them and growing.

Hassan al-Banna, the founder of The Muslim Brotherhood, describes the mosques as key for the Islamic movement to advance within cities and towns. And according to a Jews News article,

“They are often centers for jihadist incitement, recruitment, training, and fundraising,”

So the building and positioning of mosques can be seen as strategic military movements by a political ideology, not a religion. They place these strongholds within our communities, and right under our very noses. Furthermore, with the assistance of our very own Commander In Chief and his Attorney General we now have precedents being set by our DOJ against citizens who seek to make the best decisions for their own communities by attempting to stop the advancement of them.

The mosques and radical Imams who lead them have been key to practically every jihadi attack on our soil. They remain the strong and essential link to the Muslims who decide to act out kinetically against the American people. Consider the relationships between: The Islamic Society of Boston to the Tsarnaevs and the Boston Marathon Bombing,  The Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga  to Abdulazeez and the Chattanooga Shooting,  The Islamic Community Center of Phoenix to Soofi and Simpson and The Garland Texas Shooting, just to name a few.

If there is a liberal intolerance for the Confederate Flag because a deranged racist shooter happened to be wearing a t-shirt imprinted with the image, how much more sense would it make for there to be intolerance of more mosques, especially the ones affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood. These battalions promote Islamic jihad in our country and encourage young men to travel to foreign lands to fight alongside ISIS and other Islamic affiliates.

And instead of stopping the spread of these Mosques, the federal government reaches down into a city matter on behalf of the AIC. The federal government…who is supposed to be protecting the American people from threats both foreign and domestic, fail miserably to do so. In addition, they climb on board to assist those promoting mosques, not for worship, but for strategic purposes in furthering their agenda.








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