Will Trump Kick The Crap Out Of The UN Too?

The Donald said he, “would bomb the sh*t out of ISIS,” I wonder if he would get rid of the United Nations while he’s at it. Consider the fact that the UN is working hand in hand with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) who would like nothing better than to “seed” our country with Islamic radicals, so it seems high time to kick them the heck out of our country.

Remember the OIC is the largest voting block within the United Nations. It contains the heads of state of 57 Islamic countries, and they all march in lock step with one another. Their goal is Sharia Law for all, and establishing the  Caliphate. Coincidentally, those goals are the same as: ISIS, al Qaeda, al Shabaab, Jabot al Nusra, The Muslim Brotherhood, etcetera. You get the picture.

The United Nations responds to the OIC like a genie in the bottle, “Your wish is my command.” It is therefore, not surprising that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the former socialist president of Portugal, Antonio Guterres is choosing which refugees come to America. The choice is clearly to admit Islamic refugees while allowing miniscule numbers of brutalized Christians.

“Global forced displacement,” is the term used by the UN to describe the “plight” of the refugees. It is a euphemism for Islamic evil either forcing people to flee or an opportunity of hundreds of thousands to infiltrate the West with their Muslim ideology, called the hijra. It would be akin to attempting to cure a disease by exposing it to as many people as possible. This is a twisted way of thinking, and yet we pay over 6.3 billion of tax payer dollars to take part in the scheme.

The goal is to embed Islamic culture and radicals into our country for the purpose of erasing who we are as Americans. Think about it, where do large numbers of Muslim refugees go and not change the surrounding culture for the worse?

They have been taught from birth that their “religion” is meant to dominate, so that becomes their focus, to force Islam into the culture. They do exactly what the leftists falsely claim Christians do, pushing their way of life down others throats. Since Muslims have never been given an option to pick a faith, they don’t think anyone else deserves the freedom to choose.

To Americans, this choice is a God given liberty that cannot and should not be taken away. The fact that our liberty could soon be in jeopardy is a wake up call to many that we are at war for the heart and soul of our country. The bottom line is we cannot allow the United Nations to boss us around anymore, and we certainly cannot take in any more “Syrian” refugees or any other Islamic refugees that don’t denounce Sharia.

The United Nations is in charge right now, and no one in the media seems to be calling them out on this. Our next president must cut ties with the UN. If we are truly in a war with Islamic terrorism, then we better stop fraternizing and funding the enemy. Anything less is self-defeating.

Trump seems to be one of the few candidates out there willing to address the idiocy of Obama’s presidency, and speak unapologetically about the most important issues currently facing America. I hope he trains his sights on the UN next, and if he becomes president that he could tell them to get the hell out. He’s gotten pretty good at that lately.



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  1. The problems we are facing in the U.S., is the same problem we’ve had since the Korean War… we don’t have the “heart” for it. There is absolutely no way to fight a regime, terrorist group, or whatever you want to call them, unless you are willing to go all out.
    Look at the ISIS, Alqeida,muslim extremists, and tell me what they all have in common. They all are willing to die for their cause and they know civilian casualties are an undeniable part of war. The difference in us and them is that we don’t use civilians as part of the strategy, as well we shouldn’t.
    However, if a civilian knows that terrorists are in their area, they have 2 choices: FIGHT for your Country or be a casualty of war. If you are still in the area when war starts, you are not an innocent, you are either fighting against them or you sympathize with them.

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