Trump Silhouettes Himself As A Leader Angering Leftists Worldwide

Trump said he wanted, “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” In one fell swoop his common sense statement threw the worldwide PC crowd, Muslim leaders, the UN, and Obama into a conniption.

Never do you see Obama so animated or emotional unless something negative is said about his Muslims. He obviously prefers them over Christians, especially when it comes to which refugees to admit into America or deport.

Just since the Paris attacks, the United States has admitted 236 Muslims to only 1 Christian refugee from Syria.  He also has seen to the inevitable deportation of 12 Iraqi Christians who came here to escape the Islamic onslaught.

In addition, Obama has yet to visit San Bernardino, the town that just experienced the latest and deadliest Islamic terror attack since 9/11 where a group celebrating at a Christmas party were summarily gunned down.

He doesn’t even have plans to go to the funerals either. His actions continuously give him away. Clues to Obama’s allegiance to Islam is about as proliferate as liberal professors on a university campus.

Meanwhile Josh Earnst, the White House press secretary is sent out to demand Trump  step down. Do these guys really expect for Trump to just say, “I’m sorry for all I’ve said, can’t we just be friends already.” Again, this response is so childish. Could the White House actually take what Trunp says into account for once.

Not only is Obama miffed by Trump, but the Saudi Prince, Bin Talal, has weighed-in concerning his disapproval. The small figure of a man, Talal, called for Trump to immediately leave the race.

This demand coming from a man whose country has given billions of dollars to spread the virulent form of Islam, Salafism, in America.

Bin Talal sounds eerily familiar to CAIR’s Nihad Awad demanding Ben Carson leave the race a few months ago when Carson said a Sharia adherent Muslim shouldn’t inhabit the White House.

What is it with these whiny Islamic leaders who constantly demand things when they have no authority to do so. Maybe they are letting on that they do have some inside influence on our political system.

In a perfect world, all Sharia compliant Muslims, like the two cited previously,  would enjoy their Islam in the Middle-East instead of trying to change our country.

And the PC crowd is ticked about Trump’s intolerance and failure to coexist with all Muslims. As a result, protests occurred at the Tony Plaza Hotel in New York City which was once owned by Trump. He was speaking at a luncheon addressing an annual gathering of republicans from Pennsylvania when protestors loudly likened his policies to fascism.

I don’t believe Trump’s intention is to promote policies of fascism. After his initial comment about the ban of admitting Muslim refugees, Trump went on to say,

“Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in Jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life.”

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Agency responded that it,

“was concerned that the rhetoric was putting an “incredibly important” resettlement programme for vulnerable Syrian refugees at risk.”

Nothing in Trump’s statements are inaccurate or beyond reason. He is setting himself apart as a candidate who is putting America and its citizens first before a refugee program that is controlled by the United Nations.

The UN is undeniably controlled by a strictly Muslim group called the Organization for Islamic Cooperation. What they are demanding of Trump is to give deference to a mostly Muslim Refugee population in which jihadis have been proven to be in the mix.
And Americans are supposed to dump Trump for this? It is high time we tell these leftist, jihadi groups that we don’t bow down to their stupidity anymore.
Nothing is waking the sleeping giant more than truth being spoken and the glaring knee jerk response of the enemies of The United States.

Something tells me Trump is on to something here. He states the common sense approach to many issues facing our country today, and when he does those who respond vehemently against him are the very foes of conservatism.

Say what you like about him, but Trump is drawing out leftists who are clearly siding with tolerance and emotion over the safety of Americans.


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