Trump, “It was the will of the people”

I had to laugh out loud as I thought about Trump looking extremely presidential as he walked across the greens at his Turnberry golf course the day following BREXIT. His timing for being in the United Kingdom the day after the vote is, no doubt, impeccable.

When Trump was questioned about Brexit, he said,

“I really do see a parallel to what is happening in the United States and what is happening here. People want to see borders. They don’t necessarily want people pouring into their country that they don’t know who they are or where they come from.”

And when asked about how his administration would approach the Brexit vote, he replied,

“You just have to embrace it. It is the will of the people. It’s not a question of approaching it. It’s the will of the people. Its always the will of the people. Ultimately that wins out.”

That probably explains why many Americans are pumped up about England reclaiming their sovereignty and independence from the EU, because the majority of Brits spoke, and we are ready to follow suit.

Apparently Trump takes his businesses seriously, especially since the profits from those companies have fueled his campaign, unlike crooked Hillary. She tends to rely on questionable means to fund her political war chest, such as foreign affiliated donations.

Now the media is sure to give you your daily dose of negatively slanted stories about Trump’s business, politics and his generalized tactlessness, but they will continue to miss the mark when trying to predict how his actions will affect his ratings.

A perfect case in point is the media propaganda machine declaring the timing of this trip to Scotland to be a horrible decision of epic proportions. These are the media elite who didn’t see the outcome of Brexit and were stunned.

MSN, ABC, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, and the like were all pooh-poohing Trump’s ill-timed trip to promote his golf company and how that was the wrong thing to do. According to MSN article titled, Trump’s Scottish Trip a bigger mistake than he realizes,

“This may sound like some sort of joke, but it’s quite real. This isn’t a situation in which an American presidential hopeful has scheduled meetings with foreign officials, and he’s checking in on his business interests while he’s there; it’s largely the opposite. Trump’s Scottish sojourn appears to have practically nothing to do with the office he’s seeking.

The Times report added that Trump’s business interests “still drive his behavior, and his schedule. He has planned two days in Scotland, with no meetings with government or political leaders scheduled.” The Republican’s itinerary “reads like a public relations junket crossed with a golf vacation,” complete with “a ceremonial ribbon cutting.”

But I guess Trump can actually text and walk at the same time. He is taking care of business, not just his personal business, but the business of building up international relations with one of our closest allies.

England, our ally that Obama kicked around and belittled from the moment he walked into the office seven long years ago. From the returning of the Winston Churchill bust, to the public spanking he gave the British people as they even considered independence from the haughty EU.

I’m sure Obama and Hillary fit into the stunned camp as well as many other left leaning folks, and they probably are still brooding over the vote. Many on the right could identify with that sick feeling like the morning after Obama won his second election.

Well, it’s nice to have the shoe on the other foot for a change. There is a worldwide movement occurring within countries to reclaim their identity and culture, and England is the first to separate themselves from the multi-cultural pack.

Many feel, as England does, that their nationality is disappearing due to the atmosphere that has been forced upon western civilization through mass immigration and acceptance of refugees from warring Islamic countries.

So instead of all the bad things the liberal media predicted about Trump’s trip, he comes out smelling like a rose, getting more airtime and positive publicity than Hillary could get by spending a large fraction of her campaign funds.

I don’t know about you, but a day like this has been long in the waiting and I just want to savor the victory not only for my British friends who now have a chance to get their country back, but even more the real prospect of America breaking free from this tyrannical administration. It’s our turn…November 2016.


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