Three Things America Needs From Our Next President

If I was president what I wouldn’t love more than to produce a forced migration crisis of leftists! If we could create an atmosphere in this country that is once again full of the God-given freedoms that our founders intended, would the libs finally throw their hands in the air and decide to also flee for their leftist lives?

The first of three things this country requires in order to gain its standing in the world and promote those freedoms is to cut ties with the United Nations.

Just as illegal aliens continue to drain our country in countless ways, so to the United Nations is like an engorged tick, needing to be plucked off of our life blood and kicked out of America. Any number of the 57 Islamic States that make up the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) ought to be more than happy to receive the “symbol of peace and beacon of hope.”  They are certainly comfortable in bed with one another already.

Since coming up with a dollar amount for government programs is as easy as extracting wisdom teeth with a toothpick, let’s just say conservatively the United States coughs up approximately $7 billion dollars annually to the UN. Let me repeat…$7 billion tax payer dollars to fund an organization that is an utter failure in keeping world-wide peace as well as condescends to the American people who pay their salaries.

Think of the problems this one action would solve, overnight. This country might actually get some authority back in order to execute our own immigration policies for a change. We would be choosing which, if any refugees our country admits in this present climate of global Islamic terrorism.

And when UN members declare Climate Change to be a serious issue, we could simply ignore the demented theory. Not only that, but the money saved could be allocated to taking care of our veterans, not to mention used to decrease our debt. The possibilities are endless!

Secondly, the second amendment would be upheld throughout the country. No gun-free zones allowed, in fact an establishment that wouldn’t allow citizens to carry if they so desired would incur a fine. Gun-control, would be known as the name of a class taught to citizens of this country who have no criminal record or ties to terrorism. The minds of criminals and terrorists alike could be filled with uncertainty as to who is carrying or not. This measure would  invariably decrease the instance of attacks.

Lastly, our borders would be rightfully treated as our dominion, and no one would dare approach them unless he was doing so legally.  After all, a country cannot survive without protected borders. The simple fact that the world knows our borders aren’t covered produces an open invitation to all who physically arrive on our soil.

A body that has open sores is susceptible to infection, and the first line of defense is to provide a barrier to the outside. The more often illegals see and hear of our protected borders, deportations and prosecutions of those here illegally, the less inclined they would be to come.

It is truly entertaining to imagine having power to return our country back to greatness. The kind of country that used to offer hope to so many around the world who longed for a taste of what no other country could provide, freedom.

Maybe if the American people assert themselves in a bold and courageous way this year we might be able to undo some of the damage caused by giving away our sovereignty in the areas mentioned above. We undoubtedly need a leader to reestablish that authority in America.




4 responses to “Three Things America Needs From Our Next President

  1. Great post, as usual 🙂
    As i’ve said before, History repeats itself.

    Since the 1700’s, the US has been a powerhouse on the World stage. But the World is much older than that isn’t it. So which government would come to mind as also being a powerhouse on the World Stage? The Roman Empire comes to my mind. After roughly 500 years, the Roman empire crumbled as the world’s great power.
    Why did that happen? A few things that are credited are: Economic troubles, overexpansion and military spending, weakening of the military (allowing mercanaries or what today would be called special ops), Government corruption and political instability, and the biggest… invasion by migrants.

    Now compare those issues with the issues we are seeing today. If we as a COUNTRY do not do something soon (which I fear is already too late) we will be the next to fade away as the Roman’s did.

  2. Agreed. Outside of the IMF, the so-called United Nations is the center of the liberal agenda governed by the Bohemian Grove folks. We need to do all the above including closing our foreign bases of operation.

  3. Edward,
    I agree.
    Is it just me or does all of this make common sense? I believe it to be telling of how out of touch our leadership in Washington really is.

  4. Mr. Joseph Mecca

    Suzanne–Thank you for this vital information. My interpretation is , they are NOT out of touch, the greed and power and an immoral country is what they willfully promote. The agenda is planned and they are fully aware of the implications. A lack of character and a lack of a moral compass leads them to continue on this downward spiral. They are as I said IMO, not out of touch but full of vigor to accomplish what they themselves want to, regardless of the consequences we the people will have to suffer. Thanks again for your courage to make this stand you take. May it help others to wake up.

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