The “Globalist Elite” Threat to America

For my readers:  globalismThis is an amazing article by a friend and an emerging leader. A must read before this election. Please share with anyone who is still on the fence at this point.


Make no mistake, this election may make or break America. We, the American people, face a crisis of national unity, national security, and national survival from an elitist, mythical dream of “globalism.”

Americans are more divided than any time since the war and race riots of the 1960’s. We are fighting among ourselves. Over 800,000 police serve our communities – but they fear for their lives. Our own President and Department of Justice accept false accusations against our police. They inspire protest, division, and hatred of those who protect us. We are losing trust in the FBI, our Justice system, and the Supreme Court to act constitutionally. We are losing faith in our elected leaders.

Our national security is at grave risk. Russians threaten us with nuclear weapons. Iran mocks our armed forces and laughs at billions of dollars in US payoffs for nuclear negotiations. China spends untold amounts to buy arms and global influence, greatly improving her militarily while threating America and her allies. 200 rich, elitist, communist power brokers, ruling 1.6 billion people in China, will soon rival the US in “global” influence, economic strength and military power.

In 2008, ISIS didn’t exist. Al Qaeda in Iraq, the fore-runner of ISIS, was on its heels. In 4 years the ISIS “JV team” became a global terror threat. Today, ISIS has between 80 and 120 thousand well trained, resourced, experienced, devoted and blood thirsty fighters in multiple countries. ISIS is growing, not shrinking. It’s spreading in North Africa, Central Asia, and Western Europe. The Caliphate is an idea; it’s not a place. ISIS and its many surrogates hate America. They will not go way with a bombing campaign.

Our leadership has no effective strategy, it has no commitment, and it has no idea what to do to solve the dilemma it created in the frantic 2011 pre-election withdrawal from Iraq.   The President, with the media’s help, is desperately trying to keep the American people distracted from foreign policy disasters through this election. Meanwhile, he and his designated successor continually speak of a fictional, peaceful, integrated “global” economic world with open borders and a bright future.

What does this integrated “global” world do for America? US Tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple, and US manufacturers like Ford, GM, GE get cheap labor and open trade borders – not to better this nation, but to better their profits. They manipulate governments with histories of bad economic managers – not equal and fair trade partners. And they pay-off corrupt officials to get their way.

America, like the rest of the developed world, is paying the bills with a Federal Reserve credit card. But our incomes are down. Our national debt has increased well over 80% in 8 years. Our growth is staggeringly low, and we have gone from a manufacturing nation to a lower wage service economy in a single generation. We have increased the numbers of poor in this nation 3 fold in 8 years. We can’t borrow our way out of debt. It just doesn’t work. This is what globalization has done for America.

While we face terrible threats from abroad, our own President encourages internal strife, divisions, and forces tolerance – Forced tolerance is the worst form of intolerance. His global trade policies and spending increases invite bankruptcy. He promotes a mythical vision of an integrated world, and a false narrative of his designated heir that contradicts any measure of reality. Who could do more harm?

Our unity, our security and our survival are at risk. Make no mistake; to the “global elite” the independence of the American voter is an impediment to their vision of open borders, unrestricted global trade, and massive profits. Freedom of speech is a problem. Freedom of religion is a problem. Freedom of thought is a problem. “We, the People” are a problem for them.

The “globalist elite” strategy is obvious. Divide us. Undermine our security. Distract us. Keep us from the polls. Cut faith in the candidate who supports America first, and accuse supporters of intolerance. They will use our honor, our integrity and our fear against us. And the “globalist elite,” with immeasurable financial resources, the support of media moguls, naive idealists, and pseudo intellectuals, will win – if we, the American people, allow it.

For our unity, our security and the very survival of the United States of America, we cannot allow them to win. We, our citizens, must control our future – as intended in the founding of this great Nation – not corporate giants, foreign dictators, international trade bodies or global elitists. Speak out, get people in the street, out of the pews, in the neighborhood, and on the job – tell your friends to vote to make America united again, vote to make America safe again, and vote to make America great again! And vote to hold ALL candidates, right and left, accountable to the Constitution of the United States of America. And fear not, with faith in God, America and the American people will always prevail – he will fight with us!

Jim McKinney

13 OCT 2016

Jim McKinney retired in 2013 as an Army Foreign Area Officer with over 30 years of service. He has served as a Political-Military Advisor in the Middle East, Senior Defense Official/Defense Attaché to Slovenia, a Senior Political Military Analyst and the Deputy Chief of Combating Terrorism for US Pacific Command, and the senior Security Assistance Officer for US Embassies in Albania and the Republic of Georgia among many other special operations, counter-terror, strategic and tactical assignments around the globe. He has a MA from University of Washington in International Studies, and BA in Government from CSUS. He is now a small business owner and consultant, and remains fiercely committed to supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States of America.

2 responses to “The “Globalist Elite” Threat to America

  1. Georgette Nordloh

    Such an excellent article by Mr. McKinney! Thank you for sharing. Agenda 21 out of the UN is part of this movement! I am concerned these global elitists will aid Clinton in rigging our election!

  2. Suzanne Shattuck

    Many have that same concern. All the more reason to be an overwhelming force on November 8th! Thank you for reading.

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