Rush Was Right…Again

“Never in my life have I seen a regime like this, governing against the will of the people, purposely. ” Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh has been right all along in referring to the Obama administration as a regime, negative connotation attached. This group allows only minimal discussion or debate on any policy, especially those that are questioned by the majority of Americans, like the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Regimes, after all, thrive on an uninformed populace, and care nothing of the opinions of its citizens. In the latter, it seems we have much in common with the Iranian people whom have shown their desire for freedom. Their voices have been silenced, just as ours has fallen on deaf ears in Washington concerning the Iran deal.

Fortunately, most of Americans aren’t ignorant of the dangers of this deal. Over half the country is not excited about the agreement with Iran, and  when a group of national security workers were asked by a Defense One Survey if the Iran Deal was good for America, 66%  answered…No.  In addition,

“The group’s outlook was even dimmer about the deal’s effect on U.S. allies. Most respondents said that it would have a somewhat or mostly negative impact on the security of Israel (71%), Saudi Arabia (67%), the Gulf Arab states (67%), Jordan (59%), Iraq (58%), and Europe (53%).”

An article in The Algemeiner reveals Hezbollah, with the help of Iran has already been attacking the Golan heights from Syria. This is not a possibility but an actuality. A senior IDF Northern Command officer states,

““All of the attacks in the Golan Heights sector since December 2013 have been carried out with Iranian direction,” he goes on further, ““several hundred Hezbollah operatives are currently active on the Syrian side of the border in the Golan Heights. Iran sends advisers [to the area] and provides money, weapons and training [to terrorists operating there].”

It is no secret what Iran thinks of us, or our once close ally, Israel. The 416 page book on the need to destroy Israel written by Iran’s supreme leader reveals a clue about his true feelings. They give Hezbollah a conservative estimate of $200 million annually for their attacks on Israel. The money is results-driven, so the more successful the attacks, the more the dollars flow in. With allies like us, who needs enemies.

Evidently Obama cares little about our friends in the Middle East, which are dwindling, but a lot about connections with Iran. So, he advances his agenda with the help of only thirty-four enlightened senators, with no regard for what the American people want. He pushed Obamacare through in the same way. There was an overwhelming majority of skepticism then, just as there is now.

Considering the present circumstances, Iran will get the bomb, Obama will have his legacy, and Americans will be left with only a memory of a remarkable nation. How many more times must we be ignored, before this country rises up to do something about it?

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