blackball-picAs many of you know I have started a selective consumerism initiative. In a nutshell,  Americans who care about their freedom need to consider withholding their dollars from companies who fund the Left.

Please watch my video and then see the working list provided. This will give you a starting point of knowing the certain companies and media entities to avoid. Also, calling their customer service to let them know why you are no longer supporting their business makes a huge statement.

Let’s start taking our country back by defunding the Left’s war machine. The Trump election has given us a chance to fight for what is so dear to us…our liberty. We cannot keep the status quo. We must understand that we are in a war for our way of life. Our lifestyles and choices must display that realization.

Please follow my new Facebook page-“Northstar” for updates, and to stay in the loop. Understand, this is a work in progress. We comb through and value your comments. When making a suggestion to boycott a company or support one in the comment sections,  please include a link to supporting material if you are able.

Thank you,

-Northstar Communications

  • I also promise not to tape another video vertically. 🙂




6 responses to “#Operationblackball

  1. So glad to have this info to share with others that are not Facebook users. I have always said that today’s American’s so often underestimate their power. Knowing how to attack a flank can most times win the battle! Unify,unify, unify our efforts!

  2. Suzanne Shattuck

    Absolutely! Thank you for reading.

  3. Interestingly, after the “Boycott Trump” app was downloaded, Pepsi was listed as a business TO boycott by the left as Trump had “Sponsored Celebrity Apprentice in 2011, and continued to sponsor the show despite Donald Trump leading the “birther movement” against President Obama.” Where are you on this??

  4. Hi Suzanne,
    Thank you for spreading the word, heard you on CTM with JBW, you are spot on! Another way we need to fight back is to volunteer for all those city and county committee positions, as you said – they are FULL of liberals; no wonder they have so much influence!

    Can’t find your Northstar Facebook page, plenty of them by the same name – link please? Thanks

  5. Suzanne Shattuck

    Thank you and I agree with you.
    Try this link. Also friend me on FB, plenty going on there as well. Thanks for listening. John’s voice is easy on the ears. 🙂

  6. Suzanne Shattuck

    Yes, you are correct. I just can’t bring myself to buy Pepsi. It just screams Obama.
    I’d stick with Coke, or tap water…it’s free. 🙂

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