Let’s Face It, CAIR Is a Bully

How many regular Americans go around demanding this or that? And when I say regular American, I refer to the ones who work for a living, pay their more than “fair share” of taxes, and provide for their families. These are the people I work with and whom I have the utmost respect.

Now there are those who demand to have everything under the sun paid for by the government, and they get on my nerves. But nothing tops when a Muslim Brotherhood group that is proven to have connections with the terrorist group, Hamas, demands that one of our most brilliant candidates for the republican nomination for president, bow out. This makes my blood pressure shoot through the roof.

How dare the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) demand anything from one single American in this country. This group has nothing to offer but Islamic hatred for our country and what it was founded upon. They dress their words and their bodies so as not to draw attention. They are PC to the hilt and schmooze with the powerful.

They frequent meetings at the Whitehouse with the most important and influential “leaders” in our government, all the while they happily enjoy deceiving others into following a false narrative like the one recently displayed with Ahmed and his ticking time clock.

They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They come out to pay lip service whenever their is an attack on our citizens from a “lone wolf” type or the so-called homegrown terrorist. Saying in short, that they don’t support or condone violence. What they are more concerned about though, is the backlash from Americans as a result of these violent acts.

CAIR is one of the leading groups that call “Islamophobia!” whenever we infidels question the motives of a Muslim. They are around to squelch any kind of normal reaction to Islamic jihad being displayed in our country. “Just calm down, don’t jump to any conclusions,” is their message in a nutshell. It is a lulling to sleep of the American conscience.

Many in America are waking up and becoming aware of their tactics. And to most of us, regular Americans, they should be labelled a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) like The United Arab Emirates did last year. CAIR was on the list,  with the likes of  Al Qaeda, the Muslim American Society (MAS), and ISIS, among others. That should have spoken volumes to our governmental leaders who remain in close contact with them and invite them to most of the big gatherings in Washington.

But in Obama’s world where up is down, and down is up, what do you expect? All the more reason for Dr. Ben Carson to stay in the race, because he gets the issue. No true Muslim could take the oath of office in the first place because the Sharia is not compliant with the Constitution, period. Surprising, CAIR doesn’t seem to know their own doctrine, but more and more Americans do.

I trust our next president will declare CAIR a Foreign Terrorist Organization. Then we could all demand that their leaders pack their bags to be deported to an Islamic country, and forced to stop their bullying efforts in trying to make this country into one.

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