Leaders Ignorant of Islam and Sharia Law Are Killing America

Many well-meaning people in leadership positions across America unwittingly submit to Islamic Sharia Law simply out of ignorance. And in times like these it will prove deadly to America and the freedom for which she stands.

A perfect example of this ignorance happened under the leadership of Principal Scott Warstler at Frisco County Liberty High School in Texas where a prayer room was set aside and designated especially for Muslim students. According an article in Dr. Rich Swier, Principal Warstler is the one who came up with the idea.

Warstler states,

“This is my seventh year at Liberty, my first year it kind of started when a core group of students were leaving campus every Friday for Friday prayer. Their parents would come pick them up, so they may miss an hour and a half to two hours to two and a half hours of school every Friday, so I met with those students and a couple of their parents and suggested if they would be okay if the students were able to lead the prayer at school as a group, and we gave them a space to do that so they didn’t have to be in a car traveling thirty minutes each way on a Friday missing an hour, hour and a half, of class.”

How many times would a Christian, Jew, or someone from another religion be allowed to leave school every week for that period of time? I wager not more than once. This type of behavior by the Muslim parents simply accentuates the fact that Sharia adherent Muslims are not in this country to assimilate or become American. Instead, they are here to change us into an Islamic nation.

America has been warned over and over by former Muslims like, Tawfik Hamid, former member of Jamma’a Islamic Terror Group who talks about the influence of Muslim immigrants or refugees on a host country. The very movement is called the Hijrah. Its foundational premise is found in Islamic doctrine. Hamid describes it as,

“…a form of subtle threat that you cannot ignore it. It grows gradually. And the moment you recognize its existence it’s like cancer, the moment you recognize its symptoms it’s usually too late.”

 Egyptian cleric, Yusef al-Qaradawi, spiritual leader of The Muslim Brotherhood said this in 2007 about Muslims moving into non-Islamic countries,

“The conquering of Rome and the conquering of Italy and Europe means that Islam will return again to Europe. It is necessary to conquer by war? No! There is a peaceful conquest.”

Americans who continue to assume that Islam is just a peaceful religion do themselves a disservice. Even former President Bush proclaimed this not many days after the Islamic terrorists flew jets into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon killing thousands of innocent people.

The success of subtle Islamic conquest in any country depends on one main factor, ignorance. As long as the populace remain uneducated about the method of operation by an enemy within, they will continue to be lead down a dangerous path.

What makes the situation worse is living within a political correct culture that frowns upon questioning the motives of almost any movement except those associated with the foundation of our country.

One can question and even pass judgement on a Christian or a Jew’s actions based on their religious beliefs, for example; not supporting same sex marriage or taking a pro-life stance, but it is taboo to question a Muslim in regards to women’s rights, halal food, Sharia Law, or their world renowned leaders advocating for the death penalty for homosexuals.

The last example references a world known Syrian cleric, Sheik al-Nabulsi, who was invited to speak at the Islamic Society of Pinellas County in January of this year. This cleric is well-known for his advocating the death penalty for homosexuals and death to the Jews. Yet, he was invited to speak throughout the country, starting in close proximity to the Pulse jihad attack just months prior.

Who in the State Department issued his visa? Again, ignorance, laziness or a complicit bent toward the Islamic ideology must have played a part in his admission. This is exactly why the threat doctrine of Islam, and their law, the Sharia, should be debated openly and on a regular basis so that the American people know what is being infused into their community.

The longer we cover up the true intentions of the dominate ideology of Islam, the farther down that dangerous path to submission we travel. It just may be that one day we wake up to recognize the symptoms of a deadly force, but by then it may be too late.



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