ISIS and Planned Parenthood, Two Peas in a Pod

It seems as though Planned Parenthood isn’t the only organization getting in on the body part business. ISIS is right alongside the women’s health clinic when it comes to making a profit off of a human being. The latest video from Center for Medical Progress (CMP) leaves one wondering if the folks from PP might be a little more ambitious than the Islamic militants.

CNN report came out earlier this year concerning the likelihood of ISIS’s involvement in the harvesting of human organs. They have been reportedly retrieved from kidnapped individuals, wounded soldiers, the executed and sex slaves.

Apparently, a conversation on social media between members of ISIS and their supporters was discovered on social media. The conversation included talk of prices and body parts, similar to what America has witnessed taking place in the CMP videos.

The CNN article, quotes Nancy Scheper-Hughes, the chair of  the University of California, Berkeley’s doctoral program in medical anthropology, about human organ trafficking,

“Dead bodies, once they are disarticulated, pulverized, processed, freeze-dried, etc., are so far removed from the ‘human’ person that they are simply commodities,” Scheper-Hughes said. “The demand for fresh organs and tissues … is insatiable.”

She continued: fresh kidneys from,

 “the brain dead or from those executed with the assistance of trained organ harvesters are the blood diamonds of illicit and criminal trafficking.”

Iraqi’s ambassador to the UN apparently asked for an investigation into these gruesome allegations back in February.  Considering the close ties between the Organization for Islamic Cooperation and the communist based United Nations make it unlikely that any justice will come from them.

I guess taking over the world can get extremely expensive, so the Islamic State appears to be making the bucks like Planned Parenthood. Their portfolio has become quite diversified. The barbaric group is involved in big oil, the selling of religious antiquities, and human trafficking, just to name a few.

ISIS  even has their hand in Islamic missions, called Al-hijra. After all, their slaughtering has sent hundreds of thousands of Muslims to seek asylum in other countries. Most retain their Muslim faith and will not assimilate into the host country’s way of life. They will raise their large families while admonishing them never to become friends with the infidel, or non-Muslim. Islamic strength will grow, and mosques will be built, thus furthering the grand idea of the Caliphate.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration and most of the liberal democrats don’t want any more light being shed on Planned Parenthood’s lucrative parts business. Never mind the sanctity of life, because it is all about the money.

Planned Parenthood’s funds promote the liberal agenda. They simply want to rid the world of undesirables and at the same time retain everlasting political power over the rest of the thinking population. Likewise, ISIS wants to cleanse the world of infidels and establish world political power.

So you see, both ISIS and Planned Parenthood are very similar in regards to ideology.  Both care nothing for human life and are willing to profit off death in order to advance their agenda. As with the Mafia, defunding both would go a long way in eradicating their evil influence.

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