How Long Before We Look Like Europe?

We see much of Europe suffering from migrant violence and Islamic Sharia dominance.

We have cities here in America seeing the same Islamic dominance, i.e. Dearborn, Hamtramck, Twin Cities, Minneapolis, etc. They are considered to be in enemy territory, and our leaders do nothing to stop it.

This is war.

Not only does leadership completely ignore it, but they continue to fund programs and allow immigration policies that bring Muslims into our country by the thousands.

It’s great to organize marches against Sharia, but you won’t rid this country of their law if you allow Sharia adherent Muslims to inhabit the land.

You also won’t have an attrition of Sharia adherent Muslims if you allow mosques to be built in this country that teach  Sharia. One begets the other.

Islam is ALL about Sharia and dominance over everyone else.

Our government obviously isn’t going to be the answer to this threat. They are either impotent through willful ignorance or bought and paid for.

Until the American people decide they want to prevail over this enemy by becoming self-reliant, bold, relying on rugged individualism and most importantly almighty God, we will be as most of European countries are…fighting for their lives.

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