Hillary and Deutch Trump Justice For Now

It appears that turn-around is fair play when you consider President Bill Clinton pardoned CIA John Deutch, for the same kind of careless behavior in which Hillary Clinton was involved as  FBI Director, James Comey, declares her innocence.

In fact one of the last measures of goodwill Bill Clinton accomplished leaving office was bestowing a pardon on the former CIA director John Deutch. His big no-no was retaining classified documents on his home computer in Maryland, as well as attempting to destroy some of them when he got caught.

When Deutch’s actions were discovered an almost immediate reaction occurred by federal investigators to retrieve the hard drive from his computer, and he didn’t have a lawyer picking and choosing which emails to hand over, nor did they take six months to get the investigation started as in Hillary’s case. But, everybody knows Hillary gets treated with kid gloves. It is simply to be expected.

In Deutch’s case the IG stepped in after they perceived the CIA was not acting appropriately in the investigation and opened their own probe. According to National Review,

“The Deutch IG report contains a useful discussion of federal laws that may be violated by handling classified material on a home computer. There’s 18 U.S.C. §793, which makes it a criminal offense ‘through gross negligence’to allow defense information ‘to be removed from its proper place of custody.’An unsecured personal computer is obviously not a “proper place of custody,” as John Deutch discovered. Note that no intentional misconduct is required; just gross negligence.”

Deutch supposedly had no intent to do wrong, just like Comey claims of Hillary, but he was going to be indicted on his actions regardless until Bill rushed in with his pardon. Maybe some of these past memories were what Bill and Loretta Lynch talked about the other day on their chance meeting at the airport.

Several websites referred to the commonalities of Deutch and Hillary’s infractions, and during a House Oversight Committee yesterday Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-Ma) queried Comey,

“We have a lot of comparisons in other cases and it seems like all the cases where prosecutions have gone forward, the subject of the investigation has demonstrated a clear intent to deliver classified information to a person or persons who were unauthorized to receive that…And even former Director of the CIA John Deutch, who retained classified information on a couple of servers, one in Belmont, Massachusetts, and one in Bethesda, Maryland, and that was after he became a private citizen.”

Lynch gives no evidence that Deutch was intending to deliver classified information, however Comey testified,

“He took a huge amount of documents, almost all of the TSSCI level, has in a hard copy at his house, had them on unclassed system connected to the internet, attempted to destroy some of them when he got caught, admitted I knew I wasn’t supposed to be doing this.”

Didn’t Hillary place documents in a burn bag to be destroyed, didn’t she lie about thousands of classified emails being sent or received over her private email, didn’t she lie about using only one device to send that classified material? Wouldn’t sending and receiving classified emails through private emails be considered not a proper place of custody?

Are the American people missing something here or has FBI Director Comey just declared that you can’t compare apples to apples anymore. Bottom line, there was classified material residing in places that were not safe, be that on a home computer in Maryland or floating around the internet over a private email. The only difference here is the fact that Deutch actually admits to the wrong, and the government official that is being considered here is a Clinton.

Hillary on the other hand will never admit that she makes any mistakes, because in her heart of hearts she is above the law. She held her head high with her nose in the air while withholding life saving measures from Americans under hostile fire in Benghazi and as she enabled the Russian government, via her State Department, to buy Uranium One from Canada to secure 20% of the US uranium assets.

Hillary truly believes she is above all the petty rules of the law. And according to the top law enforcement officer James Comey, she is.

Americans were told what to do in times like these by Thomas Jefferson,

“But when a long line of abuses and usurpations pursuing the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.”

-Declaration of Independence

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