Have We Forgotten How Awesome Our God Is?

Day in and day out we hear constantly about what evil, barbaric act has been done in the name of Allah, or his supposed prophet. We are routinely educated on what Muhammad did or didn’t do, what pleases Allah or upsets him. I wonder what would happen if all of the Christians and Jews spoke up about how awesome and great our God really is. After all, there is no one like Him.

My pastor was telling a story about driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway to enjoy the fall colors. He said at first he was taking in the beautiful scenery, but then quickly was distracted by all the bugs hitting his windshield. This caused him to frequently use the windshield cleaner and wipers which took his attention off the magnificence of the mountains. He likened that to how we take our eyes off God to focus on our problems.

I sat there thinking about how distressing and depressing some of the material is that we read and hear about in our world today as we seek to be informed. It reminded me how important it is to stop and focus on God’s almighty hand.

Maybe if some of the Muslims who want to change our country could encounter people who stood fast to their God and were bold in doing so, they might actually be curious about a nation founded on His principles.

Pricilla Shirer is a mom, author, and leader of Going Beyond Ministries, which is geared towards teaching and encouraging women. Her few minutes expounding on the character of God is exactly what people of faith need to focus on while fighting to defend our freedoms.

I find living during this time in our history can be so frustrating, especially given the culture that exerts its daily pressure to conform to the world’s views. I will be the first to confess of many failures in my walk as a Christian, but I don’t believe God desires us to sit and wallow in our shortcomings. He wants us to persevere, and not to give up.




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