Haughty Jeh Johnson Could Use Some Manners

Jeh's Manners

Secretary Jeh Johnson should take some advice from his own Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC) which encourages speaking “with honor and respect to all” and that “tone and word choice matter.” He definitely could have improved on his behavior at the Senate Judiciary hearing on willful blindness exhibited by the Obama administration when dealing with Islamic terrorism.

Senator Cruz presented facts, by way of a huge visual, about the lexicons of our law enforcement agencies’ documents that were purged of any words used to describe Islamic jihad following the 9/11 Report. Johnson was asked questions about his knowledge of the purge and specifically about a former DHS employee turned whistleblower Phil Haney.

But instead of using an even tone and choosing words of respect, Johnson throws his hand in the air and states,

“I have no idea. I don’t even know who Mr. Hannen is. I wouldn’t know him if he walked in the room.”

And when Cruz pressed again about him not investigating the claims by Haney, Johnson continued,

“No, I have not taken the time to investigate what Mr. Hannen says. No.”

As a matter of fact, Haney asserts that over 800 reports by Customs and Border Control were ordered modified, scrubbed or deleted in order to remove any mention of Islamic jihad, the Muslim Brotherhood and other references. He also backs up the fact that if the FBI had used his method of connecting the dots within certain terrorist groups it may well have helped prevent the Orlando shooting and the San Bernardino Islamic terrorist attack.

Maybe Jeh wasn’t taught any manners growing up or he just couldn’t mask his absolute extremist anger he felt for having to be called to answer questions about his worthless DHS. But instead of answering with humility and respect, he was outright flippant, arrogant and supposedly ignorant of the subject matter.

Perjury actually comes to mind when you consider this is the Secretary of Homeland Security who should be well aware of the facts when called to testify in front of the Judiciary committee. He claimed to have no knowledge of what Cruz was presenting him, nor had he ever heard of Phil Haney’s name before.

These statements are highly suspect as Phil Haney has been part of a Washington D.C. press conference, on Fox news several times including with Megan Kelly, as well as all over the print and internet media concerning claims and heavy accusations against the DHS regarding their purge of references to Islamic jihad, or anything coming close to naming the enemy.

Cruz proceeded to press him,

“And when the United States Senate Judiciary Oversight Committee conducted a hearing on that, did you or anyone on your staff inquire into those issues?”


“Ah…no. But you have me here right now to ask questions of.”

So, having the secretary of DHS show up to the hearing as an uninformed fool didn’t help Cruz get to the bottom of Obama’s entire approach of ignoring Islamic terrorism and hoping it will just go away.

And the hearing goes downhill from there.

Cruz went on to question the secretary about the fact that the Obama administration knew about Nidal Hasan’s communication with the Islamic terrorist, Anwar al-Awlaki prior to the Ft. Hood terrorist attack. Cruz reminded him it was known that Hasan even enquired of al Awlaki about jihad against his fellow soldiers, but law enforcement agencies did nothing to stop the attack.

And Johnson’s response,

“I disagree with your factual predicate.”


“What do you disagree with?”

Again, Johnson replies,

“I disagree with your factual predicate.”

What the hell does that mean? Johnson is so far out of his depth, and basically just like the entire Obama administration who essentially don’t know how to handle the truth, and spend their waking hours trying to hide it from the American public.

He is, just like the leftist, Islamic, progressive panelists from two days prior who push the narrative that the Islamic State is not Islamic, and that by using accurate means to describe our enemy might somehow give them credibility and encourage terrorist attacks.

What makes more sense is the fact that Islamic State is emboldened by Obama’s calling them the JV Team, and proceeding to make America seem weak by the lack of any response following the terrorist attacks on our soil. The empty words of, “We will bring those responsible to justice.” Yeah…right. Nobody is holding their breath on that promise.

So, how is Obama’s stance working out for us, the American people, who are getting gunned down, beheaded, stabbed, shot, raped, and on and on by members of the religion of peace?

Johnson is derelict in his duties as Secretary of the DHS if he doesn’t know about the issues Cruz questioned him about. He should resign immediately, because there is no room for willful ignorance when dealing with Islamic terrorism on our soil. The increasing terrorist attacks here are an indication of how well Johnson’s outfit is doing its job, and they definitely aren’t winning.


2 responses to “Haughty Jeh Johnson Could Use Some Manners

  1. I couldn’t believe the flippant way he treated the question. He had no good solid answer so he tried to brush it off as insignificant! Love Ted Cruz. Hope he becomes Senate Majority Leader.

  2. Suzanne Shattuck

    I couldn’t agree more.

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