DHS And The State Department’s Facts On Vetting Don’t Add Up

If the military, at the behest of  Obama, could only find 54 “worthy” Syrians out of 7000 to be trained to fight for their own country, why should we believe the testimony of the experts during the Senate Hearing on Refugee Resettlement? They virtually guaranteed  the American people of being able to vet 85,000-100,000 Syrian Refugees slated to live in our communities over the next year.

A few of the quotes from the esteemed panel were:

“We employ the highest security measures.”-Ms. Barbara Strack, Department of Homeland Security

“There are no shortcuts on security, medical screening, processing.”-Mr. Larry Bartlett, Department of State

” We will not cut corners with security.” Mr. Matthew Emrich, Department of Homeland Security

Listening to the panel repeatedly assure the questioning senators about the reliability of their vetting process was about as enjoyable as hearing someone run their fingernails down a chalkboard.

Mathematically speaking the percentage of  those acceptable Syrians from Obama’s failed vetting process was less than 1%. Yet, when one of the experts from the panel, Ms. Strack, was asked during the hearing about the acceptance rate of refugees into the U.S. through the program, her answer was, “a little over 90% for Syrian refugees.”

I guess the DHS is just that good. Maybe they could teach our military their vetting process.

According to Emrich, a large part of the vetting worth is given to the stories the refugees tell as they come into contact with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and a second interview at the Resettlement Support Center (RSC). This was according to Emrich.

Speaking of the stories, Sessions shared a few examples of the incredulous tales of  refugees coming into Europe.

“…A nice dressed Iranian speaking Farsi saying he is from Iraq, Indians who don’t speak Arabic, but say they are from Damascus, Pakistani’s Albanians, Egyptians, Kosovars, Somalis, Tunisians all who are apparently trying to get in as Syrian refugees, and yet we are now approving 90% of those who apply.”

Numerous reports are out stating the fact that terrorists are infiltrating the ranks of refugees. And why not? It makes sense for terrorists to flow into America on somebody else’s dime, and if the security is lax why not go for it. At least somebody is using common sense, just not our leaders in Washington who have allowed this program to continue despite the overwhelming evidence of making our country at risk for terrorist attacks.

As recently as June, during a Senate Subcommittee hearing on the same topic,  it was revealed that Syria had the highest concentration of ISIS and Al Qaeda members of anywhere else in the world. This knowledge simply adds to the statistical probability of bringing Islamic jihadists into our country.

On top of all that, Syria is said to be “dark” by many in the intelligence community. We have no “boots on the ground” there, no real technology cataloging the bad guys throughout large swaths of people, and little to no human intelligence. But, the DHS and State Department are going to trust what they say, and stake American lives on it, because there is NO accountability when they screw up.

Simply put, how can we have rock solid intelligence in order to verify these refugees from a failed state where we have no real way to double check their personal accounts? We do not, which means we were fed some pretty hefty lies on Capitol Hill during these hearings.

Another whopper was by Larry Bartlett, director of admissions for the State Department’s refugee program when asked if those in local leadership are informed about the refugees slated for their towns. Bartlett alluded to the fact that the “elected officials, city council, mayor, school officials, hospitals, health clinics, law enforcement, and volunteer groups supporting refugees,” are all consulted before the refugees arrive.

If you have refugees placed in your communities go ask your local representatives if they were consulted before being given notification by the Office of Newcomer Services that groups of immigrants were headed your way. You’ll probably get a deer in the headlights look. That is because these groups don’t want you knowing the facts of this program, because if you did, you’d tell them to stop it.

In addition to the expert panel’s reassurance there were absurd comments from several democrats including Senator Klobuchar, D-Minn., who stated,

“…We have a strong Somali population and it is a major part of our state’s fabric of life.”

Klobuchar left the hearings early and apparently wasn’t around to hear Jeff Sessions R-AL., share the story of a Minneapolis coach, Ahmed Ismail, who said “there are monsters out there” when referring to some of the  Somali boys he coaches.

According to the FBI, more than 40 youth have gone to Syria or Somalia to fight in the Islamic Wars with al-Shabab, ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Arabic for “The Youth” since 2007 from this Somali population, which is the now the “fabric” of Minnesota’s way of life thanks to the Refugee Resettlement Program.

As a result of taking in all these “vetted” refugees from warring Islamic countries, America has now become an outsourcing agent of terrorism. And make no mistake, the rest of the world knows this, just not our esteemed liberal, leftist legislators or those pushing this incredibly dangerous refugee program down our throats.

“Ever since the terror attacks of 9/11 our leaders have repeatedly told us that for the United States to be safe our nation must ‘get it right 100% of the time.’  In order to attack us, these same politicians from both political parties have told us that the terrorists only have to get it right once.”  -Michael Cutler, Former Special Agent for INS

A firm case could be made that the DHS and our State Department cannot vet the Syrian refugees 100%, in fact they don’t come anywhere close to that percentage. Are American lives worth the rush to please the democrats and the United Nations by succumbing to their pleas of, “take more, take more”?

Somehow the American citizen is being left out of this equation. As more facts are highlighted about this Refugee Resettlement program, the more obvious it becomes that it would be disastrous in the realm of national security.

If the present Resettlement Program continues, we will be setting the stage for the terrorists to get it right at a much higher percentage than any of us would dare to allow.


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