Cubans and Columbian Businessmen Respect Trump

trumpThis was shared on my Facebook page yesterday by Mike Schmidt. I thought it was very enlightening and wanted to share with you all. Mike was kind enough to give me permission to do so.

“Yesterday, in a business meeting with foreign born Hispanics (Cuba and Columbia), they told me about numerous business people from Germany, France, Spain, all asking and commenting on the condition of our Country (the USA).

They asked, “What is wrong with America?”….”It is no longer the strong Country the world has come to know and respect.”… Then referring to Hillary Clinton specifically by name, they asked, “Why would you elect someone who will CONTINUE THE WEAK POLICIES of the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION for four more years?”…they continued in unified agreement, “AMERICA is the STRENGTH AND PROTECTION OF THE WHOLE WORLD….and WE NEED AMERICA TO BE STRONG”…again in unison they said, “America needs STRONG, BOLD LEADERSHIP like Donald Trump is suggesting.”… (THEY KNOW ‘Donald Trump’ from his INTERNATIONAL business dealings and THEY RESPECT HIM, but NOT OBAMA or Hillary).

It is clear to me, the rest of the world just does not understand why we would chose more Obama “apologetic leadership”, as they called it. They then spoke with experience regarding the near collapse of Socialist Venezuela…of the starving masses, runaway inflation, devaluing of currency, countries printing money and banks being complicit in the wholesale “financial fraud” (their words, their description). We pretty much finished the politics and went back to business with them saying, “The whole world is afraid AMERICA CAN’T RECOVER and where will the world be WITHOUT AMERICA?”

Again, this was an unsolicited, offhand conversation, during a break in a business meeting. The business people then apologized for the political tone, not knowing my feelings. Of course, it was like tossing red meat to the Pitbull. I then informed them of my political persuasion, assured them, “all Americans don’t agree with Obama or Clinton”, offered my own diatribe (they agreed with my every statement), told them I supported Donald Trump and invited them to join my personal Facebook page, so they can share how they feel.

They eagerly said they would, so look for their comments….it will be enlightening…..and YES, they signed the contract.”

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