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General Paul Vallely’s Plan to Return Syrian Refugees

Return SyriansI am in favor of a plan that will return the Syrian refugees who have been dispersed throughout the world back to their homeland. General Vallely has given me permission to share this proposal with the public.-Suzanne Shattuck

 Syrian Renaissance Plan

Reconstructing Syria After Its Devastation by War and Destruction

Proposed by

Paul E. Vallely MG US Army (Ret)

Chairman Stand Up America, Legacy National

Security Advisory Group and Syrian Liaison Group


Has Florida Forgotten the Pulse Jihad Attack?


You would think Florida would be the last state that would welcome a Syrian Cleric who advocates the death penalty for homosexuals and holy war against Jews and those in the West. Apparently the Islamic Center of Pinellas County near Tampa, Florida has put the Pulse jihad attack behind them as they choose to invite this “world renown scholar” to speak January 6, 2017.

Syrian Sheikh Rateb Al-Nabulsi was welcomed by our State Department in 2014 to visit 17 different cities speaking and collecting money for the Syrian opposition to Assad. The Syrian American Council and Shaam Relief, partnered with the Muslim Brotherhood was integral in bringing him here to the US.


blackball-picAs many of you know I have started a selective consumerism initiative. In a nutshell,  Americans who care about their freedom need to consider withholding their dollars from companies who fund the Left.

Please watch my video and then see the working list provided. This will give you a starting point of knowing the certain companies and media entities to avoid. Also, calling their customer service to let them know why you are no longer supporting their business makes a huge statement.

Jihad At Ohio State, A Multiculturalism Perk

ohioJihad broke out on the Ohio State Campus Monday morning when an 18 year old Somali refugee, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, decided to mow down as many students as possible by running a car over a curb into a group of helpless pedestrians.

If that wasn’t bad enough, he emerged from the car with a butcher knife slashing up to nine people before being shot dead by a heroic police officer. Wonder if Black Lives Matter will have a problem with this shooting, since the suspect was a person of color?

An American Uprising


The following is by my good friend, Martin Ingall. He is President of Technology Information, which he founded in 1993.  Prior to that he was a lobbyist at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.  He holds an M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies from Harvard University and a B.A. in International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania.

“Since so many people have asked, here’s my big picture take on the election, with help from the great Daniel Greenfield. His gist, his brilliance, my adds, my subtracts, my edits, my take grafted onto his.

Just the Facts Ma’am

dragnetThe clearly presented facts at a seminar given by Understanding the Threat with Chris Gaubatz, Saturday, November 5th in Greene County, Virginia at Piedmont Valley Community College, were not published by the local media. The seminar was about the Islamic jihadi threat and touched on issues of the current refugee program.

But, the focus by most of the media remained on discrediting the speakers instead of concentrating on the critical issues facing this country today. The failure of the journalists involved speaks volumes to many who see a tremendous liberal, politically-correct bias not only locally in Virginia, Charlottesville and Greene County, but in mainstream media across the country.

The “Globalist Elite” Threat to America

For my readers:  globalismThis is an amazing article by a friend and an emerging leader. A must read before this election. Please share with anyone who is still on the fence at this point.


Make no mistake, this election may make or break America. We, the American people, face a crisis of national unity, national security, and national survival from an elitist, mythical dream of “globalism.”

The Speaker’s Pathetic Attempt To Sabotage Trump

ryan-trumpIn an incredible act of cluelessness, Paul Ryan chose to come out and distance himself from Donald Trump by refusing to stand by the Republican nominee for President. Some might even say the move smells of sabotage.

An article in Reuters states,

“In a conference call with congressional Republicans, Ryan all but conceded that Democrat Hillary Clinton was likely to win the White House on Nov. 8 and said he would put his full energy into preserving Republican majorities in Congress so as not to give her a “blank check.”

Cubans and Columbian Businessmen Respect Trump

trumpThis was shared on my Facebook page yesterday by Mike Schmidt. I thought it was very enlightening and wanted to share with you all. Mike was kind enough to give me permission to do so.

“Yesterday, in a business meeting with foreign born Hispanics (Cuba and Columbia), they told me about numerous business people from Germany, France, Spain, all asking and commenting on the condition of our Country (the USA).

Planned Parenthood Shouldn’t Be Welcome At High School

Cecile Richards greets participants at the Rally for Women's Health on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. on July 11, 2013.

Cecile Richards greets participants at the Rally for Women’s Health on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. on July 11, 2013.

Planned Parenthood isn’t happy unless they are harvesting body parts and ending the lives of perfectly healthy babies. To make sure they have a never ending supply of fetuses the organization establishes student groups on high school campuses to influence young impressionable girls. A recent addition is at a public high school in Richmond, Va.

The Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School is funded by Virginians’ state taxes. The esteemed school’s mission is,

Globalism: The End of Free-Markets? Be Afraid

*Please enjoy another entry by Jim McKinney.

Global mega-corporations and tech giants are not just monopolistic threats to competition, creating inferior goods and higher prices; they threaten the future of free-markets. As these 21st Century monopolies move workforces to developing nations and consolidate market share, they are undermining job markets and purchasing power in free-market oriented developed nations.   Developed nations have slower growth rates and are losing economic influence to developing nations with cheap labor. As the global market place expands, developed nations and the U.S will inevitably lose control of international institutions governing global economic policies. Leaders in developing nations, primarily China, will take control.

House Seeks Moratorium On Refugees


Rep. Brian Babin (R-Tx) published a press release Friday explaining the need to thwart the Refugee Resettlement Program’s ability to admit unvetted refugees from terrorist hotbeds of the world, including Syria, the Middle East, and North Africa. This action would require provisions placed in the way of a moratorium to the Continuing Resolution.

Babin expressed his concern, along with 37 other representatives, through a letter sent directly to Speaker Ryan, Majority Leader McCarthy, and Chairman Rogers. The letter states,

Demand Congressmen and Senators Defund Refugee Resettlement

124-1118x640Is there anyone in Washington, aside from a handful, who actually care about American lives? When confronted with obvious threats to our national security and personal safety, wouldn’t a normal response of an elected leader, especially one from the Grand Old Party, be one of concern? As it stands now the GOP playbook will end up killing Americans.

On my recent, self-inflicted trip to our nation’s capital to actually meet with my Congressman and other congressional aides to express concerns over the dangerous Refugee Resettlement program, I found nothing but excuses and anything but a fighting spirit.

Intelligence Officer Wants Answers From Comey

james-comeyLetter from Jim McKinney, recently retired Army Foreign Area Officer.

Dear Director Comey,

I respectfully ask you to please clarify some things for me, and for the tens of thousands of security professionals who serve our nation every day. In reference to the former Secretary of State Clinton’s private email server, I read on CNN that you claimed in a memo that “…there really wasn’t a prosecutable case.”   Would your position stand for me if I had done the same?

Divided or United? As Goes My Team, So Goes My Nation

FootballBelow is a letter by a good friend of mine. Please take the time to read.

Jim McKinney retired in 2013 as an Army Foreign Area Officer with over 30 years of service. He most recently served as a Political-Military Advisor to the Commander, US Army Central in the Middle East, Senior Defense Official/Defense Attaché to Slovenia, Deputy Chief of Combating Terrorism for US Pacific Command, and the senior Security Assistance Officer for US Embassies in Albania and the Republic of Georgia among many other special operations, counter-terror, strategic and tactical assignments around the globe.


Trump Should Double Down On Muslim Ban

Muslim BanIf America is at war with an ideology, would it not make perfect sense to ban those coming into our country who adhere to that same doctrine? Yet Trump was vilified by the left when he said last December that he wanted, “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”

Some would argue that a religious test to screen immigrants is unconstitutional, but Andrew McCarthy disagrees and points out the religious litmus test was only to be used for those wanting to enter public office. He went on further to verify our right to vet immigrants through what their beliefs are. He said,

Obama and Lynch-Not Above the Law

Mr.Gregory outside the White House, 6/28/16

Mr.Gregory outside the White House, 6/28/16

It appears as though Hillary Clinton isn’t the only one who is above the law these days. Apparently President Obama and Loretta Lynch really know how to play the shell-game. One would think Lynch would be watching her behavior after the appearance of a conflict of interest in meeting privately on an airplane with Bill Clinton right before the final Benghazi report came out, but apparently not.

President Obama. along with the top law officer of the United States, Loretta Lynch, as the Attorney general made life extremely difficult for a veteran law enforcement officer and process server to deliver a Federal District Court Summons and Amended Complaint in the nation’s capital a few weeks ago.

Russia and The Islamic Movement Benefit From a Lasting Syrian War

Putin MoonsThere can be no doubt that the Syrian war, which produces an overwhelming flood of refugees, benefits Russia by causing a destabilization of Europe, as well as the Islamic movement that profits by furthering the opportunity to establish its coveted global Caliphate.

According to General Phil Breedlove, Nato’s Supreme Allied Commander for Europe and the US European Command, the strategies being used by Russia and Syria are meant to increase the numbers of fleeing refugees in order to cause trouble in other countries. In some cases, attacks are planned to create the human flow out of the country.

In testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee Breedlove stated:

Hillary and Deutch Trump Justice For Now

It appears that turn-around is fair play when you consider President Bill Clinton pardoned CIA John Deutch, for the same kind of careless behavior in which Hillary Clinton was involved as  FBI Director, James Comey, declares her innocence.

In fact one of the last measures of goodwill Bill Clinton accomplished leaving office was bestowing a pardon on the former CIA director John Deutch. His big no-no was retaining classified documents on his home computer in Maryland, as well as attempting to destroy some of them when he got caught.

Haughty Jeh Johnson Could Use Some Manners

Jeh's Manners

Secretary Jeh Johnson should take some advice from his own Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC) which encourages speaking “with honor and respect to all” and that “tone and word choice matter.” He definitely could have improved on his behavior at the Senate Judiciary hearing on willful blindness exhibited by the Obama administration when dealing with Islamic terrorism.

Senator Cruz presented facts, by way of a huge visual, about the lexicons of our law enforcement agencies’ documents that were purged of any words used to describe Islamic jihad following the 9/11 Report. Johnson was asked questions about his knowledge of the purge and specifically about a former DHS employee turned whistleblower Phil Haney.