Another “Radical” Islamic Cleric Coming To Orlando

Islamic Cleric Kamal El-Mekki

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Another Radical Islamic Cleric Coming To Orlando May 12-14

Radicalized Islamic Cleric Kamal El-Mekkis appearance in Central Florida is generating real concern as he publicly advocates religiously sanctioned murder.  Kamal El-Mekki’s incitement to violence hate speech must be condemned by the media, local Islamic leaders, and the non-Muslim clergy.

Kamal El-Mekki on video tape, stated the following:

1. Killing of Muslims who leave Islam (apostates) is sanctioned.

2. Killing of adulterers is sanctioned (but advises clerics not to discuss it so much).

3. Killing & Beheading of criminals is necessary for a safe society.

4. Killing drug dealers in America would be a good practice.

5. Hate for the Non-Muslim. “As for the kuffar (derogatory name for non-Muslims), “the first thing is, why would you want to follow a people whom you know and you’re sure that their end will be in the hellfire?”

6. Offensive statements regarding the homosexual lifestyle. 

7. Polygamy is an acceptable practice

A dangerous pattern of three radicalized Islamic Clerics being invited to speak in Orlando, in the last 16 months, can no longer be ignored.  Three Radical Islamic clerics will have visited numerous Mosques, held private events in the Orlando area, and now the Al-Maghrib Institute, reaching several thousands of Muslims living in the Orlando area. To date No Muslim cleric in Orlando has condemned any of these speakers and that is problematic in a spectacular fashion.  Who are these Radical Clerics invited to Orlando?

 Sheikh Sekaleshfar 2 months before Pulse Attack calls for the killing of all gays.  (Video) Channel 9 News Investigative Report

 Imam Mohammad Rateb Al-Nabulsi (January 2017) calls for the killing of Jews and Gays (Channel 9 News Report)

 Now Radical Islamic Cleric Kamal El-Mekki  will be speaking in Orlando for a 3 day seminar May 12-14.

Who:      Kamal El Mekki

When:    May 12-14, 2017  

Where:   Ibn Seena Academy

               12999 Deertrace Ave.

               Orlando, 32837, FL    

What:     3 Day Seminar – Stories Of The Prophets

Why:      To teach the followers of Islam and the youth about doctrine and theology.

Facts and Evidence

El-Mekki Video: Killing of Apostates -

El-Mekki Videos covering many topics above:    Al Maghrib Institute seminar details

Kamal El-Mekki on Homosexuality:

Polygamy is an Accepted Practice:

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