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Podcast For Week Ending 10/07/2017

This week’s Wide Awake brings up the topic of the “Rohingya” Refugees fro West Burma, who actually are Bengali Muslims, issues of chain migration.

I also interview a positive young millennial who loves her country. It is always encouraging to meet young people who have their heads screwed on straight. Please take a listen.

Podcast For Week Ending 09/30/2017

This week’s Wide Awake radio show features just me this week. I wanted to give my opinion about the NFL players’ disgraceful, and disrespectful kneeling during our National Anthem.

Make no mistake, the Left wants to divide us as a country, and look at the way they divided the NFL fans and the rest of America through this type of behavior. One needs only look at who supports the kneeling, to figure out who wants to destroy our way of life.

This whole issue could have been avoided if we had real men and women in leadership positions who lead on principle, not by the opinion of the ignorant masses.