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Wide Awake Podcast For Week Ending 8/26/2017

Topics covered in this week’s Wide Awake include the Charlottesville Rally. I spoke with Michael Del Rosso, who is a resident of Charlottesville. He was also a Trump surrogate  for national security during the presidential election. Michael has some interesting things to say about McMaster’s firing of Rich Higgins and other national security experts from the Trump administration.

* Article by Del Rosso in The Daily Caller.

Wide Awake Podcast for week ending 08/05/201

NSC H.R .McMaster

Topics this week on Wide Awake include NSC H.R. McMaster and his firing of Rich Higgins and others who understand the Islamic Threat, The RAISE ACT, Stephen Miller,  close Trump policy advisor, the ENLIST bill, Dunkirk-the movie, and Preparedness with Pete.

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