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Podcast Ending Week of 07/15/2017

Guest this week on Wide Awake, Chris Gaubatz, national security consultant, vice-president of Understanding The Threat, and featured in the book, Muslim Mafia.

Other subjects discussed: American Outfitters recent model garbed in hijab. In doing this the company wittingly or unwittingly is glorifying Sharia Law. To send a quick email to American Outfitters and let them know of your disapproval, go to Florida Family. Also I touch on North Korea, and Alex Jones.

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Wide Awake Podcast for Week Ending 07/08/17

My guest this week on Wide Awake, Jim Gibson, retired Air Force, gives his report on our Southern Border. Also enjoy a tribute to John Adams as we celebrate our Independence Day. Other subjects include Bill Finley, Wild Bill for America, and his arrest in Canada for “smuggling hate speech”, and a few pieces of good news.

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Wide Awake Podcast for Week Ending 07/01/2017

This week on Wide Awake, subjects include several pieces of good news out of Washington, as well as issues in Europe; Sweden, Hungary and Poland.

My guest this week was Pete, who has a background in law enforcement and diplomatic security. This was the introduction to a 5 part series on Emergency Preparedness and situational awareness.

It is my sincere belief that Americans must return to the self-reliance, faith, and rugged individualism that so characterized our ancestors and forefathers. Therefore I will be initiating Emergency Preparedness classes and training weekends to those of you who would like to learn more about these issues and how you can be ready for the unforeseen. Please let me know of your interest via email, and I will keep you informed about the details. Email: