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Leaders Ignorant of Islam and Sharia Law Are Killing America

Many well-meaning people in leadership positions across America unwittingly submit to Islamic Sharia Law simply out of ignorance. And in times like these it will prove deadly to America and the freedom for which she stands.

A perfect example of this ignorance happened under the leadership of Principal Scott Warstler at Frisco County Liberty High School in Texas where a prayer room was set aside and designated especially for Muslim students. According an article in Dr. Rich Swier, Principal Warstler is the one who came up with the idea.

Warstler states,

This Weekend’s “Wide Awake” Radio Podcast

Lieutenant General Raymond McMaster


Topics for this weekend’s show dealt with our new NSA director McMaster and reasons why this was not a good choice by the Trump administration. There is obviously an element close to the President who is pushing for a more Politically Correct nomination to this job post. And since the taping of my show there is a disturbing story about General Mattis attempting to place an Obama’s ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson in the undersecretary of defense for policy. She backed Muslim Brotherhood leader,  Morsi,  in the Egyptian elections! This baffles me.

See story here: Trump Fights Defense Sectretary