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Has Florida Forgotten the Pulse Jihad Attack?


You would think Florida would be the last state that would welcome a Syrian Cleric who advocates the death penalty for homosexuals and holy war against Jews and those in the West. Apparently the Islamic Center of Pinellas County near Tampa, Florida has put the Pulse jihad attack behind them as they choose to invite this “world renown scholar” to speak January 6, 2017.

Syrian Sheikh Rateb Al-Nabulsi was welcomed by our State Department in 2014 to visit 17 different cities speaking and collecting money for the Syrian opposition to Assad. The Syrian American Council and Shaam Relief, partnered with the Muslim Brotherhood was integral in bringing him here to the US.


blackball-picAs many of you know I have started a selective consumerism initiative. In a nutshell,  Americans who care about their freedom need to consider withholding their dollars from companies who fund the Left.

Please watch my video and then see the working list provided. This will give you a starting point of knowing the certain companies and media entities to avoid. Also, calling their customer service to let them know why you are no longer supporting their business makes a huge statement.