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The “Globalist Elite” Threat to America

For my readers:  globalismThis is an amazing article by a friend and an emerging leader. A must read before this election. Please share with anyone who is still on the fence at this point.


Make no mistake, this election may make or break America. We, the American people, face a crisis of national unity, national security, and national survival from an elitist, mythical dream of “globalism.”

The Speaker’s Pathetic Attempt To Sabotage Trump

ryan-trumpIn an incredible act of cluelessness, Paul Ryan chose to come out and distance himself from Donald Trump by refusing to stand by the Republican nominee for President. Some might even say the move smells of sabotage.

An article in Reuters states,

“In a conference call with congressional Republicans, Ryan all but conceded that Democrat Hillary Clinton was likely to win the White House on Nov. 8 and said he would put his full energy into preserving Republican majorities in Congress so as not to give her a “blank check.”

Cubans and Columbian Businessmen Respect Trump

trumpThis was shared on my Facebook page yesterday by Mike Schmidt. I thought it was very enlightening and wanted to share with you all. Mike was kind enough to give me permission to do so.

“Yesterday, in a business meeting with foreign born Hispanics (Cuba and Columbia), they told me about numerous business people from Germany, France, Spain, all asking and commenting on the condition of our Country (the USA).

Planned Parenthood Shouldn’t Be Welcome At High School

Cecile Richards greets participants at the Rally for Women's Health on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. on July 11, 2013.

Cecile Richards greets participants at the Rally for Women’s Health on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. on July 11, 2013.

Planned Parenthood isn’t happy unless they are harvesting body parts and ending the lives of perfectly healthy babies. To make sure they have a never ending supply of fetuses the organization establishes student groups on high school campuses to influence young impressionable girls. A recent addition is at a public high school in Richmond, Va.

The Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School is funded by Virginians’ state taxes. The esteemed school’s mission is,