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Globalism: The End of Free-Markets? Be Afraid

*Please enjoy another entry by Jim McKinney.

Global mega-corporations and tech giants are not just monopolistic threats to competition, creating inferior goods and higher prices; they threaten the future of free-markets. As these 21st Century monopolies move workforces to developing nations and consolidate market share, they are undermining job markets and purchasing power in free-market oriented developed nations.   Developed nations have slower growth rates and are losing economic influence to developing nations with cheap labor. As the global market place expands, developed nations and the U.S will inevitably lose control of international institutions governing global economic policies. Leaders in developing nations, primarily China, will take control.

House Seeks Moratorium On Refugees


Rep. Brian Babin (R-Tx) published a press release Friday explaining the need to thwart the Refugee Resettlement Program’s ability to admit unvetted refugees from terrorist hotbeds of the world, including Syria, the Middle East, and North Africa. This action would require provisions placed in the way of a moratorium to the Continuing Resolution.

Babin expressed his concern, along with 37 other representatives, through a letter sent directly to Speaker Ryan, Majority Leader McCarthy, and Chairman Rogers. The letter states,

Demand Congressmen and Senators Defund Refugee Resettlement

124-1118x640Is there anyone in Washington, aside from a handful, who actually care about American lives? When confronted with obvious threats to our national security and personal safety, wouldn’t a normal response of an elected leader, especially one from the Grand Old Party, be one of concern? As it stands now the GOP playbook will end up killing Americans.

On my recent, self-inflicted trip to our nation’s capital to actually meet with my Congressman and other congressional aides to express concerns over the dangerous Refugee Resettlement program, I found nothing but excuses and anything but a fighting spirit.

Intelligence Officer Wants Answers From Comey

james-comeyLetter from Jim McKinney, recently retired Army Foreign Area Officer.

Dear Director Comey,

I respectfully ask you to please clarify some things for me, and for the tens of thousands of security professionals who serve our nation every day. In reference to the former Secretary of State Clinton’s private email server, I read on CNN that you claimed in a memo that “…there really wasn’t a prosecutable case.”   Would your position stand for me if I had done the same?