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Muslim’s Absurd Response On CBS Deserves Scrutiny

Frank Luntz could take a lesson from the experts at DHS on their perfected form of vetting, because he clearly didn’t background check his “ordinary” Muslims who recently appeared on a Face The Nation episode. The panel was invited to comment on their thoughts about what’s going on in America since the San Bernardino terror attack, as well as Donald Trump’s call to ban all Muslims entering the United States. Video can be viewed here.

Federal Money Laundering At Its Best

I guess the Women Infants Children, otherwise known as WIC, isn’t just for Cheerios and milk anymore. According to a recent article, the Federal Government has given millions of tax payer dollars to a Mosque associated with the Muslim Brotherhood and jihad. This was all accomplished through grants given mostly to the WIC program linked to the Islamic Center of Greater Kansas City.

Since the Mosque property is owned by the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), it links federal dollars to a known Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas entity. An article states NAIT,

America, It Is Later Than You Think

There was a saying on ancient solar calendars: “It is later than you think…” As we seemingly sit on the sidelines watching from afar the destruction of Europe take place by an Islamic invasion, many might think America is still safe, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Looking throughout this country reveals a silent battle that has been raging virtually unnoticed for decades by Muslims intent on our demise from within, and if you listen one can hear the rumblings of a huge tide that threatens to engulf us.

Simply Change The Lexicon, Islam Is A Political Ideology, Not A Religion

If the LGBTQ… community can change the definition of marriage, then we can change the definition of Islam. Islam is a political ideology whose prime focus is world domination and forced submission of all the inhabitants of the earth through means civilization and kinetic jihad, it is not a peaceful religion. Therefore Islam doesn’t rise to the level of earning our Constitutional protection under the first amendment.

The Omnibus Bill Should Be Called The Ominous Bill

Last Thursday the political landscape was favoring the passage of the awe inspiring Omnibus Bill, which should be called the “Ominous bill.” Friday, after the vote I felt somewhat like I did the morning after Obama’s second election to president…impending doom.

Why would congress, who was given power, not use it to tell Obama to go pimping elsewhere for money to fund his destruction of America?  The simple fact is that Obama can do nothing without money, and Congress writes the check, period. But, these establishment guys don’t know how to handle power.

Virginia School Officials That Allowed Islamic Phrases In Class Deserve Backlash

A Virginia High School that allowed a World Geography class to learn Calligraphy by writing part of the conversion to Islam, has decided to close its doors on the Friday before Christmas. The reason? Apparently parents who have had enough of liberal wacko teachers cramming political correctness and Islamic nonsense down their kids throats decided to let the school district know just how they feel about it.

Here is part of the message the parents received Thursday afternoon,

Trump Silhouettes Himself As A Leader Angering Leftists Worldwide

Trump said he wanted, “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” In one fell swoop his common sense statement threw the worldwide PC crowd, Muslim leaders, the UN, and Obama into a conniption.

Never do you see Obama so animated or emotional unless something negative is said about his Muslims. He obviously prefers them over Christians, especially when it comes to which refugees to admit into America or deport.

Just since the Paris attacks, the United States has admitted 236 Muslims to only 1 Christian refugee from Syria.  He also has seen to the inevitable deportation of 12 Iraqi Christians who came here to escape the Islamic onslaught.

America Could Use More Islamophobia, Not Less

I guess it stinks when you plan an event on a Monday to support all of the “peace-loving” Muslims, only to have several of them murder 14 innocent civilians and injure 17 other Americans just two days later at a truly peaceful Christmas party in San Bernardino. But, that didn’t seem to stop democrats from standing against Islamophobia and showing their solidarity with members at the Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, Virginia just outside Washington, DC.

Protected: Refugee Resettlement

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Muslims Murder Innocent Civilians at Christmas Gathering

When is the mainstream media going to factually report the news? Islamic terrorists, who are Muslims, murdered a group of people while they gathered to celebrate a Christian holiday, did they not?  Yet many news outlets continue to tip toe around the simple and obvious facts surrounding the San Bernadino terrorist attack.

Most Americans came to the conclusion this attack was probably carried out by a Muslim jihadi simply because there were no reports about the description of the first shooter who was killed. It was a process of elimination. If they were black, the name would have been released, not the skin color. Had they been white, everyone knows that news would be out faster than CAIR calling a press conference for any Muslim involved in a terrorist attack. So, that leaves either a name like Syed Farook or a Middle-Eastern looking individual. It’s elementary.