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Have We Forgotten How Awesome Our God Is?

Day in and day out we hear constantly about what evil, barbaric act has been done in the name of Allah, or his supposed prophet. We are routinely educated on what Muhammad did or didn’t do, what pleases Allah or upsets him. I wonder what would happen if all of the Christians and Jews spoke up about how awesome and great our God really is. After all, there is no one like Him.

Heroin, A Growing Border Problem

Since the anti-gun crowd is so concerned about stopping deaths shouldn’t they be up in arms over the fact that heroin overdoses are responsible for more loss of life than homicides in New York City?

If attention were directed to this killer, one might have to actually look at what has led to the drug becoming rampant across the country, and more importantly, how its flow through our porous borders displays the inadequacy of the DHS leadership in Customs and Border Control.

The use of heroin, a drug that is produced in Columbia, Mexico, Afghanistan, and Burma, is said to be up 400%. This fact suggests a direct correlation to the health of our borders. If the borders were secure, we simply wouldn’t be seeing this astronomical increase in illegal drugs or illegal aliens for that matter.

The “New American Dream” Built Off The Backs Of Real Americans

The “New Americans”, in case you haven’t heard, is the proper name the Obama administration has bestowed on all the new immigrants flooding into our country. Part of Obama’s Task Force on New Americans will be having a conference in Brooklyn to help these immigrants’ dreams come true, with the assistance of your tax dollars of course.

The 2015 National Immigrant Integration Conference is set for December 13-15, in Brooklyn, New York. At a time when Europe is being over-run with immigrants, many of whom are money hungry as well as disrespectful to the land and the inhabitants, we have community activist-type liberals who are ready to spend tax payer money to make these immigrants’ dreams come true. See video:

Representative Zinke Would Rock The House!

Most Americans are about as tired of pansy type leaders in Washington as they are weary of “Caitlyn” Jenner stories. In short…enough already! Real Americans want fierce leaders who love this country and aren’t afraid to stand up to the idiocy of the left. Former Navy Seal, Representative Ryan Zinke, R-Mt., seems to be just the man for the job.

What better way to remove the bitter taste in our mouths from Speaker Boehner, than installing a true American warrior who knows for whom and what he is fighting. After all, isn’t someone like Zinke exactly what this country needs at this point? Have a look at his argument against the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Worship Is Not The Purpose Of Most Mosques

When you are flipping hamburgers you can play ignorant about the management of the restaurant, but that kind of excuse doesn’t fly when you are the President or the Attorney General of the United States. Obama and Lynch have to know the facts on Islamic mosques, just like Hillary knows, without a doubt, that she shouldn’t have been using her personal email accounts for classified material.

Obama’s Attorney General has come out in defense of the American Islamic Center (AIC) by suing Des Plaines, Illinois over a 2013 city council decision to deny zoning rights for a new mosque in their city. The local people fought against the mosque not only for the financial loss to the city since the proposed site sat in a commercial district, but also for the obvious traffic and parking issues that it would undoubtedly cause.

DHS And The State Department’s Facts On Vetting Don’t Add Up

If the military, at the behest of  Obama, could only find 54 “worthy” Syrians out of 7000 to be trained to fight for their own country, why should we believe the testimony of the experts during the Senate Hearing on Refugee Resettlement? They virtually guaranteed  the American people of being able to vet 85,000-100,000 Syrian Refugees slated to live in our communities over the next year.

A few of the quotes from the esteemed panel were:

“We employ the highest security measures.”-Ms. Barbara Strack, Department of Homeland Security

“There are no shortcuts on security, medical screening, processing.”-Mr. Larry Bartlett, Department of State