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Dr. Ben Carson Has Gifted Hands and A Strong Spine

“I could never support a candidate for President of the United States that was Muslim and had not renounced the central tenant of Islam: Sharia Law.”

-Dr. Ben Carson

Not only did God endow Ben Carson with gifted hands, but also keen insight on how to answer a question that seems to stump other republican candidates. His concise and accurate response elicited a firestorm of backlash from many in the media, the White House, and the Muslim Brotherhood group CAIR. All wanted Carson to pay penance for his statement, and all were sadly disappointed.

Let’s Face It, CAIR Is a Bully

How many regular Americans go around demanding this or that? And when I say regular American, I refer to the ones who work for a living, pay their more than “fair share” of taxes, and provide for their families. These are the people I work with and whom I have the utmost respect.

Now there are those who demand to have everything under the sun paid for by the government, and they get on my nerves. But nothing tops when a Muslim Brotherhood group that is proven to have connections with the terrorist group, Hamas, demands that one of our most brilliant candidates for the republican nomination for president, bow out. This makes my blood pressure shoot through the roof.

Iraqi Christians to Be Deported, Syrians to Be Welcomed

Let me get this straight…Obama wants to take in 100,000 Syrians from a war-ridden Islamic country, who cannot be properly vetted, but remains bound and determined to deport 12 Iraqi Christians, who are presently imprisoned in California.

When you find yourself repeating, over and over, the actions of this administration, you aren’t crazy and you aren’t alone. It is simply something one does when the action to be taken in order to get to a desired goal is counterintuitive. This pretty much describes the whole Obama presidency.

Plan for Halting the Refugee Resettlement Program

Every once in a while pure common sense will rise to the top of all the crap that is excreted in Washington. And it is not surprising it comes by way of Texas.

Representative Brian Babin, R-Tx., introduced legislation to halt the United Nations/State Department Refugee Admissions Program back in July. Since the virtual flood of refugees pouring into Europe is on the world stage it is now  gaining support in the House.

The bill has been referred to the Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security, of which Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., now sits. The following, have given their backing for  H.R. 3314, named the Resettlement Accountability National Security Act of 2015, and need to hear of your support.

A Salute to Authentic Men

In an age where masculinity is often mistaken for male patriarchy, I want to commend the men remaining true to who they were created to be. As the country continues its descent down the road of gender ambiguity, they will be crucial to its restoration.

So many men have succumbed to the cries of the culture which desire to press them into a submissive mold. In numerous atmospheres they are told to defer to the woman, but don’t dare compliment her, because that could be seen as sexual harassment. In addition, they are advised to avoid politically charged topics at work, because it is not proper.

Obama Was at the Heart of the Syrian Training Program

I guess “leave them alone and they’ll come home wagging their tails behind them,”  was just a nursery rhyme, not a strategy to employ when it comes to retrieving missing American-trained Syrian fighters. But in the Obama controlled Pentagon, nursery rhymes and fairytales just might be the basis of military tactics.

As reported last week, the Pentagon has lost track of its Syrian opposition forces just after being put into action in July. They have deserted, been kidnapped, or killed.

What a Deal! 200 Mosques for an Islamic State

If Saudi Arabia wasn’t so oil-rich, they could make the big bucks marketing and selling schemes. Imagine the Saudis convincing another country to buy into a deal that most assuredly would bring about the destruction of its civilization while making the Arabic country appear benevolent.

Germany is apparently the unsuspicious party being offered 200 Mosques from Saudi Arabia for resettling hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees. But wait…there’s more! Since Germany is offering to accept some 800,000 additional refugees the possibility of additional Mosques could likely increase.

Think of the possibilities.

It Is an Invasion, Not a Refugee Crisis

Could this whole refugee crisis really be seen as an invasion? If most of the refugees showing up in Hungary could be described as people entering as an enemy with intention to: cause trouble, take possession, or infringe on the host, the classification would be absolutely correct.

To look at the situation as a refugee crisis, one would be heartless to point out the underlying attitude of these immigrants, and the situation that exists to have caused many to readily leave their home countries, in order to claim other lands. However, those are exactly the issues that must be raised.

Rush Was Right…Again

“Never in my life have I seen a regime like this, governing against the will of the people, purposely. ” Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh has been right all along in referring to the Obama administration as a regime, negative connotation attached. This group allows only minimal discussion or debate on any policy, especially those that are questioned by the majority of Americans, like the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Regimes, after all, thrive on an uninformed populace, and care nothing of the opinions of its citizens. In the latter, it seems we have much in common with the Iranian people whom have shown their desire for freedom. Their voices have been silenced, just as ours has fallen on deaf ears in Washington concerning the Iran deal.