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Allen West’s Nemesis, Whom He Schooled, Just Named Deputy Sheriff in Florida

Apparently being linked with a terrorist group is a resume builder for an important job in law enforcement, not the dirty secret one would want to bury deep in the back yard. Such is the case in Broward County, Florida where a new Deputy Sherriff, Nazre Hamze, was just designated.

Serving in the past as executive director of Florida’s American Islamic Relations’ (CAIR) chapter, Hamze has distinguished himself. CAIR is based in Washington, D.C., and our federal courts have found evidence that links them to support of Hamas. You know Hamas, the terrorist group that is constantly calling for wiping Israel off the face of the map? What is even more twisted is the fact that Broward County’s Sheriff Israel, a Jew, appointed this character!

Pinellas County, No BBQ For YOU!

Who ever heard of describing barbeque on a grill as offensive? Apparently two men in Pinellas county found out last week that your neighbor can call an Air Quality Complaint on you if you decide to engage in such risky behavior! The Facebook video has gone viral over the past few days. Talk about hilarious! Warning: there are a few expletives expressed.

According to Pinellas County’s Official Government Website  you can complain about the outdoor air quality. One just needs to:

  • Clearly state your name, telephone number, and full street address;
  • Describe the problem [smoke, odor, dust, etc.] and the impact;

DHS’s New 40 Million Dollar Agency to Counter…What?

We should expect to see members of the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist linked groups aiding the Obama administration in a newly proposed 40 million dollar agency within the DHS. After all, they were invited to the Countering Violent Extremism Summit held at the White House in February of this year.

An irritating fact is that Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Tx., Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, just allowed the Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Act of 2015, to be delivered out of the committee by a vote.  Why is this bill, that proposes the new DHS agency, being given the thumbs-up by a Republican? Is the majority of our Republican leadership spineless?…That is a rhetorical question.

American Leadership, You Awake Yet?…We Are!

Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, the Jordanian/Palestinian jihadi who killed five Marines in Chattanooga, was a model Muslim. He was following the doctrine of his Islamic faith, just as Nidal Hasan did at Ft. Hood in 2009, who also shared  the same descent.

The terrorist attack he engaged in last week is sanctioned in the Quran. Are those in the investigative leadership really pondering and wondering what in the world happened in this young man’s life that could have possibly pushed him over the edge? Could they possibly know something more at this point about this man’s past?

Military Expected to Fight for Our Freedom, But Not for Their Own Lives

There are no words to express the emotion I’m feeling right now at a president who is personally responsible for the deaths of our Marines.

Obama’s policies have paved the way for jihadists to roam freely in our country to do as they please.

The Islamic terrorist attack, which ended in the killing of four Marines, should be the shot heard around the world at this point.

Let’s look at the clues, shall we?

Kuwati-born immigrant.

Name? Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez.

Religion? He isn’t Catholic!

Planned Parenthood Delivers Healthy Body Parts, Not Babies

According to Center for Medical Progress, a group of journalists who are monitoring the contemporary bioethics world, Planned Parenthood gets a failing grade.

An investigative video put out by CMP shows Dr. Deborah Nucatola, a Senior Director of Medical Services at Planned Parenthood, discussing the sale of fetal body parts with a couple of undercover members from the center.

If the video isn’t disturbing enough, the demeanor of Nucatola as she discusses how to adjust the technique during the abortion so as to not harm the organs, is. She is stuffing her mouth with salad and drinking wine while nonchalantly going into the details of where the forceps will be placed on the infant’s body to ensure the organs have a safe delivery, but that the end result is death.

Arrested for Playing the National Anthem?

You may have already heard the incident of the young man in Jacksonville, Florida who was cited on the 4th of July for breaching the peace by playing The National Anthem. As always, there are at least two sides of a story. Regardless of how it all went down, please watch his performance at the end of his interview on Fox and Friends last Friday morning. If it doesn’t give you chills or bring a tear to your eye, then something’s wrong.

Obama’s Drone Strikes Mean No Additions to Guantanamo

It seems convenient for Obama to order drone strikes on Islamic terrorists rather than have them captured. The need to place them at Guantanamo doesn’t exist if the terrorist is dead.

One of Obama’s top priorities since the beginning of his tenure was to shutter the naval detention center. He has not added one single detainee since he took office in 2009, and probably will do everything in his power to keep this track record.