Monthly Archives: June 2015

Pick Yourself Up, and Dust Yourself Off

I don’t know about you, but I felt like the wind was knocked out of me last Friday.  This country will be reeling for untold years as a result of some of the most recent decisions of our most honored court. The Supreme Court, who is supposed to be blind to all things political and just focus on the black and white of the law, (no racism implied).  I needed to clarify that statement because it feels as though we are living in a communist country where everything you say can and will be held against you.

Please Daddy…Can I Have a Trojan Horse?

It seems as though certain democrats are dealing in narratives and not facts when it comes to the request for 65,000 Syrian refugees to settle in America over the next few years. Senator Kaine, D-Va., and 13 other democrat senators wrote a letter literally begging the President to increase the numbers. These refugees will be placed all over the country and may be slated to come to your town by 2016.

The Homeland Security subcommittee on counterterrorism and intelligence held a hearing last week. They listened to expert testimony concerning the security situation in Iraq and Syria. In addition the panel spoke abut the  Syrian refugee screening process and its probable vulnerabilities relating to our safety.

Silence From the Pulpits

The virtual silence of most churches concerning the plight of Christians at the hands of Islamic terrorists baffles me.

This is something I have pondered for several years as I have studied, read and learned about the Islamic movement, and more specifically the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence in our country over roughly the past fifty years. A recurring thought was, “Is this the way pre-Nazi Germany felt?” Let me explain.

There must be millions of Americans right now that understand, without a doubt, our country exists in a perilous situation. In addition to what we know, is an accompanying feeling that our time is short.

Why I Care

When looking at where our country presently sits, I wonder why there aren’t more people showing concern for what is happening. Then I ask myself, why do I care so much? Well, a few weeks ago part of the answer came to me on my drive home from work after a twelve hour shift in the emergency room where I work as a nurse.