Rugged Reliance


I know I have been absent from my blog for several months. I have been taking a serious look at the state of our country.

We are involved in different wars. They are informational and ideological in nature, and have different fronts.

The front I am most familiar with is in the Cultural War.  This war seems to be targeting our young people specifically, whether it is through drugs or by attacking the very core American values that made this country great.

Podcast For Week Ending 10/07/2017

This week’s Wide Awake brings up the topic of the “Rohingya” Refugees fro West Burma, who actually are Bengali Muslims, issues of chain migration.

I also interview a positive young millennial who loves her country. It is always encouraging to meet young people who have their heads screwed on straight. Please take a listen.

Podcast For Week Ending 09/30/2017

This week’s Wide Awake radio show features just me this week. I wanted to give my opinion about the NFL players’ disgraceful, and disrespectful kneeling during our National Anthem.

Make no mistake, the Left wants to divide us as a country, and look at the way they divided the NFL fans and the rest of America through this type of behavior. One needs only look at who supports the kneeling, to figure out who wants to destroy our way of life.

This whole issue could have been avoided if we had real men and women in leadership positions who lead on principle, not by the opinion of the ignorant masses.

Wide Awake Podcast Week Ending 09/12/2017

You don’t want to miss this week’s Wide Awake featuring interviews with Joey Gibson, from Patriot Prayer, and a young patriotic rapper, Pete Peters. Both these men are very brave and seek to expose AntiFa for the violent terrorist group that they are. Here is the link to Pete’s rap showing the violence of AntiFa and when he Joey and Tiny were attacked.

Wide Awake Podcast Week Ending 09/02/2017

This week’s Wide Awake radio show features Kevin Jackson, Fox Contributor and Talk Radio Host. Topics include attacks on our free speech, increasing racism in the country, and Kevin’s new documentary Bleeding Blue Movie. This movie is an effort to expose the Left’s push to demonize our law enforcement. Kevin is a huge supporter of our men and women in Blue. It is my hope that you will support the film. Please see link above for trailer.


Wide Awake Podcast For Week Ending 8/26/2017

Topics covered in this week’s Wide Awake include the Charlottesville Rally. I spoke with Michael Del Rosso, who is a resident of Charlottesville. He was also a Trump surrogate  for national security during the presidential election. Michael has some interesting things to say about McMaster’s firing of Rich Higgins and other national security experts from the Trump administration.

* Article by Del Rosso in The Daily Caller.

Wide Awake Podcast for week ending 08/05/201

NSC H.R .McMaster

Topics this week on Wide Awake include NSC H.R. McMaster and his firing of Rich Higgins and others who understand the Islamic Threat, The RAISE ACT, Stephen Miller,  close Trump policy advisor, the ENLIST bill, Dunkirk-the movie, and Preparedness with Pete.

Please email if you are interested in Emergency Preparedness beginning this fall.

Podcast Ending Week of 07/15/2017

Guest this week on Wide Awake, Chris Gaubatz, national security consultant, vice-president of Understanding The Threat, and featured in the book, Muslim Mafia.

Other subjects discussed: American Outfitters recent model garbed in hijab. In doing this the company wittingly or unwittingly is glorifying Sharia Law. To send a quick email to American Outfitters and let them know of your disapproval, go to Florida Family. Also I touch on North Korea, and Alex Jones.

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Wide Awake Podcast for Week Ending 07/08/17

My guest this week on Wide Awake, Jim Gibson, retired Air Force, gives his report on our Southern Border. Also enjoy a tribute to John Adams as we celebrate our Independence Day. Other subjects include Bill Finley, Wild Bill for America, and his arrest in Canada for “smuggling hate speech”, and a few pieces of good news.

Have a great week!


Wide Awake Podcast for Week Ending 07/01/2017

This week on Wide Awake, subjects include several pieces of good news out of Washington, as well as issues in Europe; Sweden, Hungary and Poland.

My guest this week was Pete, who has a background in law enforcement and diplomatic security. This was the introduction to a 5 part series on Emergency Preparedness and situational awareness.

It is my sincere belief that Americans must return to the self-reliance, faith, and rugged individualism that so characterized our ancestors and forefathers. Therefore I will be initiating Emergency Preparedness classes and training weekends to those of you who would like to learn more about these issues and how you can be ready for the unforeseen. Please let me know of your interest via email, and I will keep you informed about the details. Email:

How Long Before We Look Like Europe?

We see much of Europe suffering from migrant violence and Islamic Sharia dominance.

We have cities here in America seeing the same Islamic dominance, i.e. Dearborn, Hamtramck, Twin Cities, Minneapolis, etc. They are considered to be in enemy territory, and our leaders do nothing to stop it.

This is war.

Not only does leadership completely ignore it, but they continue to fund programs and allow immigration policies that bring Muslims into our country by the thousands.

It’s great to organize marches against Sharia, but you won’t rid this country of their law if you allow Sharia adherent Muslims to inhabit the land.

Wide Awake Podcast for Week Ending 6/24/2017

Please listen to my latest radio show, Wide Awake,  as I interview Mike Cutler, former INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) and spent 26 years as an agent who rotated through all the squads within the Investigations Branch. The topic is House Resolution Bill 60, re-introduced this past January. The bill also known as the ENLIST or Encourage New Legalized Immigrants to Start Training, and that is training in our military.

This bill is being co-sponsored by over 200 Representatives in Congress, yet trans-national gangs and sleeper cell terrorists are foaming at the mouth to be trained by our military. Our local law enforcement have, and will deal with these gang members  or terrorists as they exit the military with their often battle ready training.

Islam Is The Enemy

Islam is the enemy.

Apparently these four words are the most difficult for anyone in elected positions to utter, yet they hold the key to victory over an entrenched adversary who intends to destroy our way of life.

Those Americans who understand the necessity of honestly naming the enemy are increasingly frustrated by the willful blindness on the part of leadership to address an indisputable Islamic strategy of global conquest. This blindness thus handicaps the majority of elected officials and their advisors. No wonder we see them stumbling in the dark trying to find politically correct adjectives so as not to offend the liberals, establishment, and Muslim advocacy groups.

Emergency Preparedness Classes Offered


Friends, I am going to be offering instructional classes in emergency preparedness, first aid, and home defense. I will have a small part in teaching, but most will be taught by professionals. This would take place during certain weekends on location in Virginia.
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Suzanne Shattuck

Wide Awake Podcast for Week Ending 06/09/2017

Show includes discussion on London attacks, mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, a former national intelligence agent’s personal thoughts on Comey hearings, encouraging billboards portraying truth about Islam on interstates near Indianapolis, Indiana, and Catawba County, North Carolina, and more. Remember, truth is controversial these days.

Wide Awake Podcast

Wide Awake Podcast For May 17-21st

FBI Director James Comey presents award to jihadi Imam Mohamed Magid (2016) -Counterjihad


Please listen to the latest Wide Awake radio broadcast with guest, John Guandolo, from Understanding The Threat. Subjects discussed: Director Comey, the FBI’s strong ties to leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, the need for the Foreign Terrorist Organization designation for the Muslim Brotherhood, a short update on the state of Europe and what is happening on the ground here in America.

Please see Understanding The Threat’s website and I would encourage all to subscribe to their newsletter.

Quote From A Founding Father

” Let us awaken then, and evince a different spirit,- a spirit that shall inspire the people with confidence in themselves and in us,- a spirit that will encourage them to persevere in this glorious struggle, until their rights and liberties shall be established on a rock.”

-Samuel Adams, 1777

Wide Awake Podcast with Charles Ortel

This week’s podcast features Charles Ortel who is an investment banker, analyst, and manages assets. He is one of the primary investigators into the Clinton Foundation. After listening to this interview, you will easily see why Hillary should be in prison. This is just another example of how the rule of law in our country has been ignored by the big and powerful.

Please take time to contact your congressional representatives, if they are real Americans, and demand an inquiry into this foundation, as well as the Obama Foundation.

Link here: Wide Awake

Wide Awake Podcast-Summary

My special guest on Wide Awake this week is Jim McKinney, Col(Ret) Foreign Area Officer with over 30 years experience, discussing Trump’s foreign policy, Russia, etc.  I also touch on: the frustration of Trump’s presidency to many of those who were excited to see him get into office,  Michael Del Rosso’s (Senior Fellow on Homeland and National Security) thoughts about the Establishment, encouraging news out of all places… California, the coming French elections and Le Pen’s choice comeback during debate with Macron.

Leadership Chooses Blue Pill While Living In A Muslim Matrix

The Matrix movie’s main character, Neo, gets a clear picture of reality after choosing to take the red pill instead of a blue one.  It is the same with those who have taken or listened to briefings from counter jihad experts concerning the Global Islamic Movement and its threat doctrine. That picture reveals an extremely well organized, visible, and subversive movement throughout our country led by The Muslim Brotherhood to replace our system of government with Sharia Law.